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R & D

R & D

From the perspective of customers,our company provides a full range of services from product selection to supply chain financing.

Take advantage of the cooperation factory and its own advantages to provide customers with the required products while bringing more personalized cooperation experience.

Therefore, an integrated service with customer and market demand as the center, combining product characteristics with industry application and supply chain financing has been formed

Relying on the national laboratory of the cooperative factory, we have invited the authoritative product engineers and industry application experts from China titanium dioxide to provide technical support and analysis of product application indicators to match the target products.

Supply chain enterprises such as NET SUN, C&D Inc, and VTEAM Financial -the International trade supply chain factoring customize customs declaration and foreign exchange collection by RMB, letter of credit, collection and other forward settlement services for customers.

WPA cooperative financial institutions:

Cooperate with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Zhejiang Bank, NET SUN, C&D Inc,and VTEAM Financial tailors


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