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WPA Chemicals: A International business supply chain enterprises came into being in the background of "China Internet plus" and "chemical online transactions" under the strategic partner of Zhejiang Netsun Based on the platform of Chinese chemical Netsun, after careful screening, selection of high-quality suppliers. WPA chemical is extremely cautious in selecting suppliers, choose the well-known manufacturers, these manufacturers in the industry have long production history, many successful cases, the business treasure and bank assets "examination" and "risk control", China screened out most of the growth of the manufacturer as a product provider or OEM business. And relying on the business treasure of online financial solutions, business treasure to become the core enterprise, by the bank to provide financial credit, credit funds earmarked for the enterprise online trading platform to complete the upstream and downstream delivery. WPA chemical is not only an international trading company, also is the implementation of a chemical online trading platform, designed for coatings, plastics, rubber and downstream customers high-quality suppliers selection. The technical aspects of Sinopec Chemical Industry Research Institute, East China University of Science and Technology, nuclear titanium dioxide national technology center and research institutions to control the product quality strictly in the whole industry while providing application solutions for customers.

WPA chemicals is not only an international business company, is based on a Netsun chemical supply chain under the strategic cooperation platform, relying on the "Netsun, China chemical network" powerful "big data" support, to paint, plastics, rubber, agricultural chemical of upstream and downstream customers to provide quality products at the same time, cultivating the market, deepening the industry application, provide a variety of application solutions for customers. With Netsun online financial package solution, WPA Chemicals as its core business, bank credit to Netsun, Netsun credit to WPA Chemicals and downstream terminal users, by banks and business credit investigation on both sides of the transaction downstream customers and make sure that the amount of credit, credit funds to avoid the transaction amount of special the risk, make the downstream more secure trade, make the products more quickly and more smoothly to the hands of customers, Thus solved the "product difficult to sell”, “accounts difficult to receive”, “financial risk is difficult to control" three major trade problems, laid the business foundation


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